You usually get enough vitamins and minerals from the food you eat; however, most of the foods available today are processed and are lacking vitamins and minerals necessary for proper body function. Whether you are an athlete trying to increase performance or just trying to improve your health, a good place to start is to get a micronutrient test.

We offer a vitamin and mineral deficiency testing to identify where you are deficient and provide you with a plan to step toward improving your overall health.


If you are struggling  with the following symptoms: Hot flashes, Night sweats, Headaches,Hair loss, Poor sleep, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Low libido, Memory lapse, Sugar cravings, Weight gain, PMS, Mild cycle spotting,Dry,/dull appearance of skin, Poor stamina, Decreased muscle mass/strength, Neck/back pain,Thinning hair/eyebrows/ or eyelashes among others, Then a comprehensive test of all the hormone metabolites along with the cortisol awakening response. would give a good place to start taking control of your health.


The food sensitivity test MRT (Mediator Release Test) is the most complete blood test available to determine food and food-chemical reactions.

This food sensitivity test eliminates the guesswork of creating an optimal diet that will you help you put an end to many chronic health problems such as migraines, weight imbalances, skin rashes and irritable bowel syndrome among others.